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What media and style(s) of art do you prefer?

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 Fiber Art       Other 


 Abstract ˜       Realistic ˜         Geometric          Figurative


How often do you look at art on the Internet? 

Do you have any favorite art-related websites? 

Have you purchased art work online? 

What newspaper(s) and/or art magazine(s) do you read most often? 

Which do you consider more effective?

 Radio Advertisement       Newspaper Advertisement        Newspaper announcement/listing

 Magazine Advertisement˜      Postcard mailed to your home/office


What is your career field?

˜  Museum/Gallery        Professional          Sales/Consulting          Studio Art          Technology

˜  Other  

How did you hear about Art Advisory/Boston? 



Thank you very much for your interest in Art Advisory/Boston - Gallery AA/B. We look forward to hearing from you in the future.

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