10/1/98:For immediate Release

Willa Cather once wrote, "What was any art but a mould in which to imprison for a moment the shining, elusive element which is life itself -life hurrying past us and running away, too strong to stop, too sweet to lose." Truly, art allows us to hold a moment frozen in time, in the midst of our hectic progress toward the millenium. Enhanced response to this power of art has meant a busy summer and some exciting plans for fall l998 at Art Advisory/Boston, local art dealer and consulting firm.

Art Advisory/Boston is proud to announce that South Shore painter Ros Farbush, one of our gallery artists, will be featured in a cable television documentary entitled, "You Say You Want a Revolution? Dispelling the Myths of Aging in America." Planned as a six-hour special and developed by Tinderbox Productions of Colorado, it seeks to examine the realities of aging, and the capabilities of older Americans in this country. According to Jennifer Wood-Patrick, president of Art Advisory/Boston (who is also interviewed in the film,) "Elder artists bring a rich depth of context to their art, which has been developed through time and perseverance. They also bring an historical reference to the art world, and to our lives in general."

Ms. Farbush is also one of numerous local artists to contribute work to the Aids Action Committee's Artcetera '98 benefit auction, coming up on October 17th. AA/B has enlisted several South Shore artists to contribute original pieces to the auction, including Robert Douglas Hunter, Beverly Rippel, Kathleen Soles, Patricia Gray, Kurt Wisneski, and Paul Crimi. AA/B also sponsors several other noted American artists who are contributing to Artcetera. Ms. Wood-Patrick has served as a volunteer member of the Artcetera Acquistions Committee since 1991.

Those unable to attend the Artcetera auction can still view some outstanding works by these and other talented artists on Art Advisory's Web page. Due to increasing success of our internet -generated business, AA/B is expanding its website. Beginning later this month, AA/B will present expanded slide images of available works created by many of the painters, sculptors and fiber artists represented by the gallery.

Art Advisory/Boston is a private art gallery and advisory open by appointment. For more information please call 617-479-1945.

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