12/97: for immediate release

"Looking at a collage is like coming around a corner and stepping into a dream. Sometimes it's your own dream and sometimes it seems like someone else's, but the sudden shifts of perspective and light on the mix of images tell you that you're definitely in a new landscape". Chris Reid, a Massachusetts artist, knows his subject well. He is the creator of original collages for all occasions, whether grand or simple, biographical or corporate, which were featured in the December 28th Boston Sunday Globe Magazine's "Hot Lines" section. Examples of these collage pieces are currently on exhibit at the showroom of Art Advisory/ Boston, a Boston area art dealer and consulting firm, by appointment Monday through Friday. Art Advisory/Boston will also make art presentations to clients at their home or office location.

In his opulent compositions, familiar subjects are given in Reid's words, "unforseen meaning". Captivating color palettes and dramatic juxtaposition of compositional elements delight the eye. Mr. Reid's background in art and music provides an excellent foundation for his creative precision, utilizing photo-montage and xerography as media tools. Often original verse or lyrics are also inserted to link visual ideas or to enhance their spatial placement on the picture plane. His art is influenced by the great graphic collagists such as Braque and Ernst as well as musical legends Cage, Charles Ives and Bob Dylan.

Mr. Reid is available for commissions, and all subjects and occasions are welcome and are treated with a refined and creative approach. Frames for the collages may be crafted by Mr. Reid to suit each piece individually.

Art Advisory/Boston also offers a diverse range of custom picture framing selections. Work by Chris Reid and several other noted regional artists can be seen on Art Advisory/Boston's website. The web address is: http://www.artadvisoryboston.com, and is linked to a number of other art-related sites. For more information contact (617) 479-1945.

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