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Tenth Year of Business Presents Engaging Projects and Recent Accomplishments

Art Advisory/Boston, the local art dealer and consulting firm, is ushering in a busy 1999 art season of proud accomplishments and exciting new projects. In celebration of our 10th Anniversary, the AA/B office is humming with several new projects and ambitious plans for the coming year and beyond.

AA/B’s latest public installation is to be unveiled on February 1, 1999, when the new Marriott Residence Inn opens in Cambridge’s Kendall Square. The Marriott’s permanent art collection will contain existing and specially commissioned original paintings by artists from Boston, Marion, and Sharon, all of whom are members of the AA/B stable of artists. The focus of the artworks are the landscapes of Cambridge and Boston, and visitors can expect additional visual treasures, as more commissioned pieces for the space are still in progress.

One ambitious step towards the future is the expansion and relocation of Art Advisory/Boston’s website. AA/B is pleased to announce our new domain,, where art collectors and corporations can view art work by numerous artists represented by the gallery. In addition to providing information about our services, the website also serves as a visual resource to potential clients, exposing them to various artistic styles and media available through AA/B. If you are interested in a particular style of two or three-dimensional art, the site will save the time and effort of research and telephone calls. Art Advisory/Boston is a semi-private gallery open Monday through Friday by appointment, with on-site presentations also readily available.

At Artcetera ’98, the October 17th gala art auction, Art Advisory/Boston made an impressive contribution, helping to generate a record-breaking $580,000 in donations. Artists sponsored by AA/B raised $11,500.00 with several artists’ works realizing 70% or more of their retail values in the bidding. Several noted American artists from the Boston area, as well as New York, New Hampshire and Colorado, contributed to the striking array of work assembled by AA/B president, Jennifer Wood-Patrick. Ms. Wood-Patrick has been a member of the Artectera Acquisitions Committee, which raises funds to support Aids Action Committee services and programs, since 1991. Artcetera is the only charity art auction supported by the Boston Art Dealers Association.


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