Additional Artists

Member, Boston Art Dealers' Association (BADA)

partial list of artists whose works are not shown in any of the Online Galleries:

Aleman-Carson - Oil on canvas; New England coast and landscape
Baker - Black and white photography, international imagery
Baxter - Urban landscapes on canvas and paper
Beard - Video and sculpture installation
Berinstein - Contemporary photographs, archival quality
Bligh - contemporary abstract works on paper
Cammarata - contemporary abstraction, canvas & paper
Comolli - Painter, conteporary impressionism
Davagian - Realist painter; figurative and still life
Dawes -contemporary geometric abstraction in oil and mixed media, on wood panels and paper
Dayton - Painter/printmaker; contemporary scapes and abstract compositions
Eder - Painter, abstract oil on canvas; monoprints
Everson - Color and black & white photography; landscapes and photo montage
Ewen - Contemporary wood sculpture, monoprints
Farbush - Painter; Contemporary paintings of Boston area neighborhoods
Fox - Painter; New England landscape
Grandin - contemporary semi-abstract and realistic works on paper and canvas
Gray - Pastel, New England landscapes
Heywood - Contemporary pastel, landscape and still life
Kizik - Contemporary abstract paintings
Kubitz - Watercolor paintings; New England landscapes
Lashley - Watercolor paintings; landscape, floral, wildlife
Levin - Contemporary abstract paintings on paper and canvas

Martin - Contemporary sculptor, stainless steel, painted and mixed metals, freestanding and suspended.
Miller - Paintings on canvas and paper; contemporary semi-abstract
Moore - Oil paintings and pastels; New England landscape and still life
- Pastel paintings; landscape and still life
- Portaits: Red Sox, Patriots and Pets; also children's book illustrator
- mixed media contemporary sculpture and abstract paintings 
- Custom collage for personal/business events and themes
Risley - Painter, Boston and New England scenes on canvas
Sand - Contemporary glass sculpture
- Realist painter, New England landscapes
- Pastels and oils; contemporary still life; figurative works
Senechal - Fiber artist, cityscapes
- Contemporary geometric paintings on paper
- Abstract geometric compositions on paper; mixed media contemporary abstraction
- Abstract paintings on canvas and paper
Stone - Landscapes on paper and canvas
Vaillancourt - Geometric abstract painting
Vinton - Abstract paintings on canvas and paper
Vonnegut - Contemporary watercolor and mixed media landscape and still life
Wasserman - Editorial cartoonist, original drawings
Wellington - Painter, Sculptor; contemporary abstraction
- Watercolors painintings; seascape and landscape
- Paintings on canvas; contemporary landscape and still life