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February 28, 2004 Gallery AA/B - Art Advisory/Boston




Gallery AA/B's upcoming exhibition: Roger Goldenberg and Judith Morton, Recent Paintings & Sculpture


Gallery AA/B - Art Advisory/Boston, a leading resource for high quality contemporary art, announced today the upcoming exhibition featuring works by Roger Goldenberg and Judith Morton. The exhibition will be held from March 11 - April 24, 2004. The Artists' Reception will be Saturday, March 27 ~ 4 to 7 PM. The gallery is open to the public on Thursdays and Saturdays from 12 - 5 PM , Fridays 11 AM - 4 PM and also by appointment. For more information, please call (617) 574 - 0022 or visit our website at

Roger Goldenberg paints in celebration of creativity and imagination and to express the joy of living. His love for music, especially jazz and improvisation is evident. These paintings have a tempo, tone and color that correlate well to this music. The paintings are ‘mindscapes’ consisting of layered imagery, the bold use of cutouts and color on innovative, shaped canvases. They are a collage of memories and moments; some lingering, some fleeting. The works' textured surfaces constructed with collaged fabric, epoxy and thin plywood that are of archival quality. The plywood backing allows the artist to saw holes in the canvases and is reminiscent of the sculptor’s reductive technique of removing material.

Crucial to Mr. Goldenberg’s artistic voice and vocabulary are jigsaw puzzle shapes, which stand as a metaphor for a complex world. Cutout shapes create negative spaces that sing in harmony with the painted areas, they speak to life’s mysteries and the indefinable. The textured layers add physical depth, and texture creates a structural underpinning, a relationship much like bedrock is to soil. All of these elements combine to invite connections between the viewer, the paintings, and their environment. The movement and rhythms that exist throughout the paintings create an active viewing experience.

Mr. Goldenberg’s works are held in the permanent public collections of the Weatherspoon Art Museum in North Carolina and in eight Childrens’ Museums in the Eastern United States. Numerous corporate and private collections also include his pieces. Exhibitions include galleries throughout New England and the eastern US including such diverse venues as NYC and Sewanee, TN. Mr. Goldenberg has been actively exhibiting his work in noted galleries and museums since 1991.

Judith Morton studied painting and carving at the Museum of Modern Art School in NYC. Upon moving to Massachusetts, she devoted all of her talents to stone carving under the tutelage of Peter Abate. Ms. Morton approaches stone carving as if it were a conversational dialogue. She relates a give and take between the carver and the stone, which delivers a sensuous piece for both the eyes and the hands. There are times when she challenges the process, as in Ode to Georgia O'Keeffe III, pushing the limits of the stone to see how thin it can get. Recently Ms. Morton has also been working with metals, creating both indoor and outdoor sculpture, Judaica and life-size mixed metal circus figures. Metal allows Ms. Morton to create larger, more fanciful, lyrical sculptures than stone physically permits. Her work with carved stone and welded steel exemplify two types of sculpture, one subtractive, one additive. She consistently and respectfully provides glimpses of the materials in their organic state, and shares the creative process with the viewer. The eye is drawn over and around the surfaces, across and through the textures, and is gently pulled into the shadows and negative spaces created by her refined, graceful pieces.

Ms. Morton has received numerous commissions from corporate and private collectors and her works have been exhibited in many museums and galleries in the Northeast. Some collections include; Babson College, Wellesley, MA, CFM International, Paris, France, NOKIA Burlington, MA and the University of Connecticut in Farmington. A few of the Museums that have exhibited her work include; De Cordova Museum in Lincoln, MA, Fitchburg Art Museum in MA, Attleboro Art Museum, MA and New Bedford Art Museum in MA.

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